Sharing Presence

If you resonate with my ideas and attitude and would, instead of doing a regular coaching format, just like to talk and share. To have me there with you, listening and “sharing my presence”. If you are curious about my point of view and advice to your current situation or just need somebody to talk about certain things who doesn’t judge you, who empathizes. I would be honored to be that person for you and certainly will do my best to contribute.

Our first session of 30 minutes is free of charge. Then I charge 50 dollars (43€) per session, which lasts 60 minutes – payable via Paypal. If you prefer shorter sessions this can also be arranged. Your session date is reserved once you have paid the full amount in advance. I am excited about helping people improve their life and I would be honored to work with you and have us grow together.

Come closer and take a look at my 7-week Free Training Program. I will be taking 2 people maximum (until we have completed the 7-week Training together).

Also here is a link to Luke’s website, who I talk about in the video. He is a great listener and a wonderful guy, full of love and compassion for others!