Productivity Coaching

Getting results isn’t a matter of doing more, but of doing less. Less of those things that hold us back or that aren’t essential. Once that falls away what remains is a laser-sharp focus on the things that really count. This is where the magic happens. When we experience flow in our work then achievement becomes effortless. This is the place we are going to explore. My meditation experience gives me a unique perspective on productivity and efficiency. I will share with you proven strategies to change your identity and behaviour in the long term. The first steps to becoming a productive person, who consistently delivers results that count, can be as simple as starting to make your bed each morning when you get up. Many small victories and adjustments compound and before you know it you won’t have to visualise living more productively – you will actually be experiencing it for yourself.

Our first session of 30 minutes is free of charge. Then I charge 50 dollars (43€) per session, which last 60 minutes – payable via Paypal. If you prefer shorter sessions this can also be arranged. Your session date is reserved once you have paid the full amount in advance. I am excited about helping people improve their life and I would be honored to work with you and have us grow together.

Come closer and take a look at my 7-week Free Training Program. I will be taking 2 people maximum (until we have completed the 7-week Training together).