7-week Training

The solution is not easy – but simple. Life is a great opportunity to learn and to grow – together. I believe that we all have sufficient innate resources, which we just need to discover and build on. A good coach can help us excell in more than one way…

In our work together I will help you to:

  1. Establish a clear and realistic Vision for the areas of your life by encouraging you to listen to your heart (WHAT?)
  2. Discover and strengthen your internal Motivation – both Positive and Negative by asking the right questions (WHY?)
  3. Kindle the flame of Self-Awareness to honestly understand what has been holding you back until now (WHY NOT?) 
  4. Draft a simple Plan for getting what you want (HOW?)
  5. Take 3 Simple Actions each week, to build Momentum towards your Vision

You will:

  • Strengthen your Sense Of Clarity
  • Build Self-Trust and Integrity by consistently following through
  • Create Momentum for achieving your Vision
  • Sharpen your Self-Awareness and Self-Reflection
  • Enjoy making real and tangible Progress towards your Vision
  • Nourish a positive Self-Image

The training consists of four 60-minute Skype sessions spread out over the course of seven weeks. In between our sessions we will be communicating via Email to ensure that you stay on track.

Now… if you are ready for change and want to:

  • experience ease and joy in your life
  • enhance stress-management and productivity
  • nourish a healthy and loving relationship with yourself
  • question existing beliefs and revolutionize your mindset
  • do what you previously deemed impossible

…then reach out to me. But know that I expect you to give 100%. I only work with people who are excited and committed about taking their life to the next level. What matters is that you welcome change and are open to explore your possibilities and potential. This way we both will have a great experience working together and make tangible progress towards your vision.

Get in touch via the CONTACT FORM to take advantage of one of the 2 free spots I have available right now while I am testing this format. I am very excited about working with you.