Tool #3 Breath Walking

If the way in you think, feel, and act are not supportive of your goals then you’ve got to course correct. This is an extremely effective way that you can do that, by changing the three variables that constitute your mental state: Focus, Physiology and Language. You can use it to drastically change your state in a matter of minutes.


That is what we focus on. Are we focused on a problem? Are we focused on what’s not working out in a given situation. Do we remain focused on something that is making us angry? What if instead we change our focus and put our mind towards a solution? The first step to change our focus is to become aware of where it’s at right now or in a challenging situation.


Emotional states are reflected in our body: how we’re breathing, holding and moving our body, speaking. It matters a lot how we use our body. In the case of breath-walking this means how we’re walking. We can consciously affect our physiology if we choose to.


The words and phrases that we use. These are the questions we ask ourself in our head. If we ask: “Why am I always procrastinating?” – this put’s the focus on the problem. Then we might use negative language and say discouraging words to ourself – this pulls our focus in a certain direction. Questions guide focus. The resulting emotional state then finds expression in our body (physiology/bodylanguage).

This is how a state is created. Now if we want to change our state then we can do so by changing these variables.

Breath Walking

A certain state has momentum. Imagine a massive round boulder half the size of your body on a flat surface: It’s very heavy, but it’s completely round. Now you want to move that rock. You start pushing it. You push with all your strength, but it’s very hard in the beginning. You push all you can but it just doesn’t budge. But you don’t budge either so finally, at a certain point, it starts moving. It’s the same with emotional states. Sometimes you have to keep going at it. You have to keep attempting to change your state and at some point the negativity just evaporates and the a new state appears. Then you can use that more resourceful state to do what you initially intended. If you regularly change your state then you can recondition yourself and changing your state will become easier and the old pattern will get weaker and weaker.

So don’t give up if initially your attempt to make a shift does not yield a result. Just keep at it. You have to do it for 5 or even 10 minutes – depending on what your state at the beginning was and how much engagement you bring to the activity. But you will notice a change eventually.


Start with the way you are walking. You want to walk in a way that’s strong and empowered. You can do it at home if you have some space, but it’s great to do it outside. Walk in a way where you’re upright and your shoulders can release and drop. Relax your back and allow your head to rise. Get a firm stance on the ground and connect with your feet and the floor. Try to really feel your heels. If you’re outside you can get on your toes and let your heels fall on the floor to get a feel. You can also stomp a little bit to feel your feet and connection with the ground. This can help you to ease into a more confident way of walking. Walk in a way that for you expresses confidence. You can also take big steps and take up some space with your body and this is going to help you to change your emotional state quickly.

Tapping & Breathing

With your thumb now touch your index, middle, ring and little finger and then again start at your index finger. This way you’ll cycle through your fingers one by one – with both hands at the same time, symmetrically. Now with each touch you’ll take a partial breath – so four partial in-breaths through your nose followed by four partial out-breaths through the mouth. Watch my video to get a live demonstration of this if it is unclear. You can also do this breathing exercise without the walking, but combining it with walking is more effective. Now as you sync the breathing and tapping with walking you take one step for each partial in-breath. Find your own rhythm that feels just right for you.


You can do a gentle affirmation in your mind to accompany the breathwalking. See that you actually feel what you are saying and do it with conviction, otherwise it’s not going to have much effect. Anthony Robbins teaches that an incantation is like an affirmation, but with conviction and emotion. Here are a two good ones that you can sync to your breathing:

  • “Every – day – in every – way – I’m feeling – better – and better – yes” (8 counts)
    You can use “more and more confident/healthy/inspired”, “getting healthier and happier, getting more and more disciplined) whatever state you want to cultivate. Say it out loud in your head while you are walking, breathing and tapping.
  • All I – need is – within me – now (4 counts, so repeat 2 times)

This has a huge effect on your state. It’s going to take a little time but once you ease into it your state is going to shift drastically. Remember to walk in a way where you are feeling confident, centered, grounded and do the tapping because this activates your body as there are many nerves on the ends of your fingers. It’s a different stimulus that can help you to enter a new state of mind. If you’ve been in a stuck-state and you do something new then you are changing your focus and get unstuck – even if it’s something simple like tapping your fingers. You’re giving your brain something new to focus on, the tapping and confident walking which is synced to your breathing and those inspiring incantations in your mind. You’re affecting your focus, language and physiology. This will work quicker than you think. It’s very easy to do this and also very enjoyable.

I hope this was helpful and I encourage you to get a feel for this. Do it at home or somewhere you are comfortable doing it (it’s rather discrete anyways) – maybe on your way home from work or on your way to the subway. You can only do the breathing and tapping alongside the incantations and it’s still going to be helpful. However when you start to walk in an empowering manner then you will quickly begin to feel more centered, confident and positive. Not only that but you can increase your performance, charisma or well-being. Once you’ve learned how to do it then you have a great little tool to change your state when you need to. You can also use this to recondition yourself over the long term, by regularly practicing it each morning. Your body and mind flow towards habits. Practice makes perfect.

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