Skyrocket Progress Through Immersion

Let’s talk about how we can use periods of immersion to make massive progress in any area of our life. We can rapidly improve any skill or make progress on any project by doing what is called immersion. Many people don’t make the progress they would like to make and this is often due to lacking clarity about what they actually want. Another major reason is that their efforts get drowned in the day-to-day stresses and distractions and it’s hard to really focus.

Periods of immersion offer a clearly reserved time window for you to actually get things done and to cultivate what is important to you. This approach also encourages you to develop more clarity because you will be spending quality time with what matters to you and get to know yourself better. It also allows you to tackle more complex problems as you mind can get deeper into the subject matter. I use this principle in my own life and since a few years I dedicate one day a week to meditation and contemplation. On this day I avoid communication (except emergency) and only meditate and do reading related to meditation. I only focus on this and nothing else. This has helped me a lot to make progress in that area of my life.

I actually learned about this process from two sources. The first time was when I did a 10-day meditation retreat a few years ago. That was the first time I immersed myself in something with that kind of intensity. No distractions, no phone, no talking even. Just focusing on one thing. It was hard but after these ten days I realised the benefits of this approach. The second time I experienced this was when I did the UPW seminar with Anthony Robbins. It lasted four days and went from morning to evening. Actually in the seminar itself Anthony Robbins also recommended Immersion as a strategy for making rapid progress (he talked about using it for improving his polo skills).

Why do immersion?

  1. In our life there are so many distractions, outside demands and things going on. For a lot of people it is difficult to tune out distractions, focus and get deeply into a certain subject matter or activity. Doing what I suggest helps one to progress with work but also to learn how to have more clarity and focus in general. For those who are already skilled in this it can help them focus much more deeply.
  2. As your mind is immersed in your chosen field and shielded from gross disturbances it is much more apt to solve complex problems.
  3. If you had difficulty following through on certain things, when you plan for a period of immersion there is a lot more “positive pressure” and motivation. After all it’s difficult to take a day off from work, tell everyone you are going to work on a certain project and then waste the day in procrastination. It doesn’t feel “right”.
  4. You’ll get a feel for having a calm and focused mind and you will be more motivated to avoid things that disturb your mind in the rest of your life as well. You will begin to appreciate a calm and focused mind over a scattered and agitated one. You’re going to say to yourself: “Wow, if it is possible to be this concentrated on that day, maybe I can improve my mental capacity in other areas of my life as well?”. In my experience it will help you to improve, to develop your ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

I really encourage you try this! How to go about it?

  • Identify something that is very important and dear to you where you would like to make progress. Where it would be worth it for you to invest one full day a week or month or whatever time window you choose.
  • Reserve that time (or use Sunday). Take time off from work. Be aware that this is an investment and you might have to do less of something else (which you also may enjoy doing) – like spending the time with friends or doing other fun activities.
  • Make a plan for that day/time window. Have a clear goal for what you want to achieve. Write it down. Plan your day – don’t aimlessly go into that day. Plan it, schedule it. Say: “I’m going to get up at this time, then I’m going to go for a run.” Whatever helps you to focus your mind, to get yourself into a productive state and motivate yourself to make progress with whatever matters for you. “Then I’m going to exercise for two hours, then I’m going to read, then I’m going to meditate”.
  • You can also mix different areas and dedicate the day to “Improving your life” in general. You can use a part of the day to improve your finances, work on your business, look for a new job. Then you can take another part of the day where you really take care of your body and mind, you relax deeply, do sports, meditate. But if you take a whole day and focus on one skill and one subject matter – you will make a lot of progress!

One friend of mine uses this concept, he also takes a day off to meditate and work on himself, he doesn’t do it every week but also regularly. He also does it for other things. He’s writing a book so he reserves time for that. I think this really is a key to making a lot of progress. You can also do “work vacation”. I remember Tai Lopez (who is an investor and consultant for businesses and who has a youtube channel) talking about renting a place close to nature for a few days and using that time to really focus and work.

So to sum it up:

  • It’s a period of immersion.
  • You design your environment to help you with what you want to achieve.
  • You reserve a certain period of time.
  • You have clear goals and you have strong motivation and then…
  • you follow through and you achieve much greater results that you would achieve otherwise.

I hope that this idea of immersion is useful to you and that you try it. I look forward to hearing from you. Also feel free to ask any questions you like! See you next time.

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